12 2 / 2014

This workshop is a precursor to creating full, research-backed personas, and is aimed to externalize what stakeholders already know about their customers - to share prior knowledge and assumptions through experience working at your company, interacting with users, and data generated by users. The provisional personas developed here are also known as: Proto-Personas, Ad Hoc Personas, Strawman Personas, Skeletal Personas, or Pragmatic Personas.

Find the presentation on Slideshare and Scribd

31 1 / 2014

This presentation aims to teach others how to use the user centered design methodology known as personas. 

Presentation can be found on: Slideshare and Scribd

Personas are archetypes (models) that represent groups of real users who have similar behaviors, attitudes, and goals. A persona describes an archetypical user of software as it relates to the area of focus or domain you are designing for as a lens to highlight the relevant attitudes and the specific context associated with the area of work you are doing.

31 8 / 2012

The following is a large spreadsheet comparing all the UX / IXD tools I could find - Everything from Wireframing to Prototyping, on the Mac, PC, and Web. Created as a way to determine what programs to use depending on various project needs and thought other interaction designers would find this useful.

Take a look at the UX / IXD comparison chart, and please do let me know what you think. I would like to maintain ownership of this doc, but am open to constructive criticism, suggestions, etc).

Inspired by two articles: A Real Web Design Application by Jason Santa Maria, and Prototyping: Picking the Right Tool by Todd Zaki Warfel